In the dead of night, Troy was massacred. By morning, all men are dead, and the capital burns. The women and children left alive try to cope with the new ‘normal’. The occupying Greek power grapples with the aftershocks of a war that has lasted ten years.  
Since it premiered in 415 bce, Euripides’ masterwork has been celebrated as a titan of world literature, and a play of surpassing power and humanitarian worth.   
This bold new version is not the museum’s Greek play. PoW's contemporary retelling pays homage to civilian victims of conflict, and honors the struggle individual soldiers endure to keep light in their hearts during and after duty. 

  1. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  The Women.
  2. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  Shannon Mastel as Helen; back in custody of the Greeks. (John Marks as Odysseus, Rick Zimmer as Agamemnon, Robert Lee Gaynor as The Soldier, Sean Morgan as The Guard, Neil Wade Freer as Menelaus.)
  3. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  Rick Zimmer as Agamemnon.
  4. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  Elizabeth Ware as Hecuba.
  5. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  Hecuba tries to give comfort.  (Actors L-To-R Nicole Resner, Emily Eisele, Elizabeth Ware, Danielle Pecoff in bacground.)
  6. PHOTO: Julie marks.  Sean Morgan as The Guard, Chelsea Turner as Polyxena.
  7. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  Robert Lee Gaynor as The Soldier.
  8. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  Danielle Pecoff as Andromache with Elizabeth Ware as Hecuba.
  9. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  Chelsea Turner as Polyxena, Elizabeth Ware as Hecuba, Wynee Hu as Cassandra.
  10. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  John Marks as Odysseus addresses the Women of Troy.
  11. PHOTO: Julie Marks.  Rick Zimmer as Agamemnon, Neil Wade Freer as Menelaus.
Lincoln Hall 
No. 55, "The Boiler Room Theatre."
Portland State University Campus,
1620 SW Park Avenue 
Portland OR, 97201 
*Not recommended for children due to violent and distressing content.
*Women Of Troy runs approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes with one 15 intermission between Act 1 and 2.
*PoW inaugural production.
*World Premiere production.
*Produced through the #wotpdx indiegogo campaign.
  1. Photo: Victoria Black.  Neil Wade Freer in rehearsal.
  2. Photo: Victoria Black.  John Marks in rehearsal.
  3. Photo: Victoria Black.  Sean Morgan, Chelsea Turner, and Robert Lee Gaynor in rehearsal.
  4. Photo: Victoria Black.  Danielle Pecoff in rehearsal.
  5. Photo: Victoria Black.  Robert Lee Gaynor and Chelsea Turner in rehearsal.
  6. Photo: Victoria Black.  John Marks and Jeffrey Puukka in rehearsal.
  7. Photo: OBSCURANTIK.  Wynee Hu and Rick Zimmer in rehearsal.
  8. Photo: Victoria Black.  L-R: Danielle Pecoff, Nicole Resner, Emily Eisele, Elizabeth Ware in rehearsal.
  9. Photo: Victoria Black.  John Marks and Neil Wade Freer in rehearsal.
  10. Photo: Victoria Black.  Elizabeth Ware in rehearsal.
  11. Photo: Victoria Black.  Wynee Hu and Elizabeth Ware in rehearsal.
Emily Eisele
Neil Wade Freer
Robert Lee Gaynor
Wynee Hu
John Marks
Shannon Mastel
Sean Morgan
Danielle Pecoff
Nicole Resner
Chelsea Turner
Elizabeth Ware
Rick Zimmer
Director, Jeffrey Puukka
Stage Management, Victoria Lukenovich
Composer, Peter Armetta
Sculptor, Kari VanSickel
Fights Director, Sean Grosshans
Fights Captain, Emily Eisele
Costumes, Victoria Lukenovich
Lighting Designer, Kim Williams
Light Crew
Kim Williams, Chris Quipotla,
Duncan Lynch
Light Board, Chris Quipotla
Poster Photography,
James Bass Photo Design
#Wotpdx Campaign Documentarian,
Dani Hunter

    Nicole is thrilled to have joined this wonderful production. She graduated from the Portland Actors Conservatory in 2011. She was last seen on stage in Twelfth Night as Valentine/Ensemble at Post5 Theatre. Since then, she has been involved in several film projects, with credits for acting, make-up artistry, and assistant directing.  Nicole would like to thank her amazing husband, Jake, for all of his love and support in this crazy career.  
    Chelsea graduated from Emerson College with a BA in Theater and writing, where she collaborated on an adaptation of Anthony Lukas’ book Common Ground, which chronicled the lives of three families during the Boston bus crisis.  Since moving to Portland she worked on an adaptation of the classic tale Sleeping Beauty, and Macbeth with Portland Actors Ensemble.  Other past credits include Cinna/Trebonius in Julius Caesar, and Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible.
    Rick Zimmer recently retired from 32 years of teaching and directing educational theatre.  During that time, Rick directed over 30 musicals and 50 plays, including eight Shakespeare productions and 12 plays for children.  Prior to retirement, he was Artistic Director for the Mt. Hood Community College Theatre Department for Twelve years, serving as Performing Arts Department Chair for six years.  He has appeared in several episodes of Leverage and Grimm and was the featured actor in Charles Deemer’s original The Farewell Wake.  Rick has also written and adapted three children’s theatre productions.  Now that he is retired and has the luxury of time, he spends time acting, directing, sailing, motorcycle touring, and wining and dining with his lovely wife.  He is very grateful to be a part of the Women of Troy production, and stays on from the 2014 development cast to continue his work with Agamemnon.
    Elizabeth Ware (Hecuba) is a very recent transplant to Portland after 25 years in Alaska. She taught Acting at the University of Alaska, served as a Teaching Artist for the state arts council, and was a resident actor with Cyrano’s Theatre Company. Memorable roles include Lady Macbeth, Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Professor Bering in W;t, Masha in The Three Sisters, and her one-woman show Libby, which has been presented around the world and received a 4-star review in The Scotsman at the Edinburgh Fringe. She co-founded the Indiana Shakespeare Festival in the 1980’s and had the privilege of playing many of the Bard’s iconic female characters. Her passion for Classics was fed by leading study abroad programs in Greece. Those experiences have led to the establishment for an annual Greek Theatre Workshop which she and her husband, David Edgecombe, conduct each summer in Athens. Information: .
    Jeffrey is an award winning theatre director of Finnish and Irish roots, living and working in Portland, Oregon.  Most recently, JP directed Elective Affinities (David Adjmi) for Worcester Productions, representing Save World Art at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe.  Favorites among previous productions going back nearly twenty years include his own adaptations of Dracula and Oedipus, as well as the devised work The Readiness Is All, which wove celebrated moments from seven Shakespeare plays together.  JP is committed to creating alternative access points for actor development; he has collaborated with developing actors since 2002 providing personalized, one-on-one mentorship from a director’s perspective. 
    Jeffrey is Artistic Director of Play On Words.
    Kim is a recent college graduate from Nebraska who is working to become a part of Portland’s theatre scene.  She received training in lighting design and its related skills from the Broadway Master Classes in New York and has also had the privilege to learn from some of Broadway’s greatest designers through the KCACTF theatre program in Washington D.C.  In 2014 Kim was honored to receive 1ST Place in scenic design at the KCACTF National Festival.  She has also completed an internship at New York Stage and Film, where she worked with some of New York’s most prominent writers, designers, and technicians.
    Peter Armetta has been a composer, actor and playwright/producer in Portland since 1993.  His theatre scores include King Lear, Henry V, Wait Until Dark, and The Diary of Anne Frank.  For Dreams Landing he has written and produced four audio dramas and One Earth/One Dream, for dreams and dreamers in live performance.  He can be reached at
    Danielle Pecoff is a graduate of Southern Oregon University’s Theater Arts program.  She has worked on a variety of projects as an actor, singer, dancer and director.  Her credits include such roles as Lisa Morrison in Collected Stories, Percy Talbott in The Spitfire Grill, Mae in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof and Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway in A Few Good Men.  She holds a Master of Arts in teaching from SOU and works as a teaching artist.  Danielle is excited to be a part of the premier production of Women of Troy, staying on from the 2014 development cast to continue her work with Andromache.
    A native Oregonian, Robert studied theater at Lewis & Clark College, where he played Cadmus in The Bacchae.  He later lived in Japan for many years before moving to Los Angeles, studying at the Lee Strasberg Institute. There he performed in several plays, including King Lear, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and a contemporary adaptation of Lysistrata.  In Portland, Robert has performed in several Imago Theatre productions, including Apis, The Cuban Missile Tango, Backs Like That, Splat, and The Black Lizard. He has also directed a Portland production of Lyle Kessler's Orphans. His original play, Tennessee in Key West, debuted as part of the 2014 Fertile Ground Festival.  Robert is honored to work with the cast and creative team of Women of Troy.
    Neil is happy to be on stage again, taking on a very challenging role, breaking from his goofball persona and letting audiences see another side of him.  Other collaborations with Women of Troy writer/director Jeffrey Puukka have been Dracula (Renfield), The Foreigner (Owen Musser), and Romeo and Juliet (The Prince / The Apothecary.)  Neil loves entertaining and making people laugh, and plans to continue doing so.  He hopes to continue taking on edgier and riskier roles.  Neil adds, “Nothing beats performing live!  Nothing!”.  Neil stays on from the 2014 development cast of Women of Troy to continue his work with Menelaus.
  11. WYNEE HU
    Wynee Hu is an actor, an educator, a writer, and a core member of Theatre Diaspora, Portland’s first and only Asian American Pacific Islander theater company.  She is currently developing a podcast series of bedtime stories for grownups.  Past credits include plays (Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves from Outer Space), staged readings (Tea, Red, Breaking the Silence, and A Christmas Carol), and films (The Dead, Garbage Days, and Going Dental.)  For news and updates about Wynee Hu’s creative endeavors, like her page at .  Wynee stays on from the 2014 development cast of Women of Troy to continue her work as Cassandra.
    Ever since his first play twelve years ago, John has been in love with every aspect of theater. Favorite previous roles include Willy Wonka, Dogberry, Abraham Lincoln. Since moving to Portland, John has been an active figure for children’s educational theater, and has directed The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  John enjoys reading and studying literature, and is very excited to be playing Odysseus, one of his favorite literary characters.  John Marks stays on from the 2014 development cast, to continue his work with the role.
    Sean has been acting since he was but a wee lad, and he couldn't get it out of him if he wanted to... which he does not.  As a kid he made ridiculous movies with his brother, pretended to be an old man at family gatherings, wrote plays, played characters in Dungeons and Dragons and constantly invented new silly voices.  As an adult, he still does most of those things. (Especially Dungeons and Dragons.)  Sean has done many plays in the past, but took a break from the stage for nearly ten years.  He now is a stay at home dad with his 8 month old daughter, and a voice actor; providing his voice to video games, Flash projects, YouTube animations and a transit company in the Midwest.  Sean says: “Even though my wife and daughter and job are beyond awesome, I never lost my love for the stage, and I am very happy to be back on it…”
    s Galatea.  
    Shannon is thrilled to be part of Team WoT. Her most recent appearance was in Cymbeline with Anon It Moves. Prior to that, she played the Pigeon in a presentation of Good Grief at Artists Repertory Theatre. Shannon holds a BA in theater from the College of Saint Benedict and is a recent graduate of the Portland Actors Conservatory, where she played Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and Leigh in Really Really. Look for Shannon at the upcoming Fertile Ground Festival in The Alien Chicken Remembers Galatea.
    A Colorado native, Emily was fortunate to discover her passion for the performing arts at a young age. Emily spent the past year training in Third Rail Repertory Theatre's mentorship program, an incredible opportunity to develop an ensemble with some of Portland's most driven emerging artists. For last year's Fertile Ground Festival, she performed and wrote pieces for the Mentorship Company's original ensemble work ID[ea]. Recently, she was seen in The Norwegians (Olive) and Edgar & Annabel (Tara) during their self-produced Off The Rails Festival. Other recent local credits include Into the Woods (Baker's Wife) and Band Geeks (Natalia). Emily extends a sincere thank you to her theatre family for making life infinitely richer.