Article marketing is arguably the best strategy for online business promotion. “Content is king,” it’s often said, and writing articles with search engine optimization in mind is the best strategy as far as content is concerned. Unfortunately, a lot of people dread the thought of writing articles. They have no interest in learning how to write an article. It could be that they don’t feel confident enough to write articles that many people will potentially see.


If you are one of these people, then set aside your fears and write. This guide will provide you with some tips on how to write an article the right way. If you’re trying to promote a website or blog, then chances are, you know a lot about the niche. If that’s the case, and you know a lot about the subject matter, then all you need to know is how to write an article about it.

Here are some tips: 

* The first move in learning how to write an article is deciding what it’s going to be about. What would be a good title? What keywords should you use? The title of your article needs to be an attention grabber. At the same time, you need to fit your targeted keyword(s) somewhere in the title. If your article is about weight loss for example, and you want the target the term ‘weight loss,’ then your title should include those two words and at the same time be interesting.

* When learning how to write an article, you need to use short paragraphs. It will make the article more presentable and neat, which will make it easier on your readers. You will notice as you learn how to write articles that too many sentences lumped together look horrid and confusing. Your readers will also notice this, and will quickly skip over your article if they have a hard time reading it.

* You can also use bullet points or numbers. If you have many points that you would like to get across, you will find bullet points to be very useful. Not only does the use of bullet points make it easier for you when learning how to write an article, but it also makes the article easier for your readers to understand.

* When learning how to write an article, you may also find that lists are very easy and fun to write. Top ten lists, for example, tend to be very popular. You may also want to provide your readers with helpful tips.

* Keep the article interesting. Every single sentence should serve a purpose and have a meaning. Try using metaphors and examples when making a point. When learning how to write an article, try describing the subject matter with interesting details. Make sure that the article, as a whole, goes well with its title.

As far as the targeted keyword(s) go, try placing it throughout the article. Don’t go overboard with it, though. A good density would be around 2%-4%, meaning that you should use the keyword(s) 2-4 times per 100 words.